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GreenIris serves the health needs of individuals who invest in their health and commit to change. We identify and educate you about what your body truly needs and empower you to achieve good health. We customise supplements, and a therapeutic diet and lifestyle. We focus on curing and allowing your body to heal itself through the optimisation of nutrition and relaxing massage.

Discover for yourself the wisdom of natural healing. Find continued wellness for years to come. Imagine your life filled with peaceful balance, abundant energy and joy. There is no better place for your health than GreenIris.

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GreenIris Clinic
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All personal information you provide, such as address, e-mail, telephone, fax and health history will not be disclosed, shared or divulged to any external organizations unless we have informed you, been authorized in writing by you, or we are required by law to do so. We will maintain this information, as well as your transactions with us, in strict confidence.

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